Orthopedic Injury Management

The Pain Stops Here

Individualized care ranging from preventing pain to recovering from surgery and all points in-between.

Transform The Lives of Your Workforce

Choose From 4 Different Pain Reducing Tracks

REPLACE Clinical musculoskeletal care delivered digitally whether it’s preventing an injury, addressing chronic pain, or surgery rehabilitation. Expert Medical Opinion maximizes ROI by ensuring members get the right care at the right time.


Prevention based on position requirements and industry requirements


Full body physical therapy for the muscles and joints that need it


Developed for longterm, chronic pain sufferers who need extra support


Pre- and post- surgical, full clinical support team for added assistance

Orthopedic Injury Management offers the industry best in care for patients

We provide participants with a strong team of professionals to assist with their joint and musculoskeletal problems

Physical Therapy

Individual, remote PT sessions.

Individual Coaching

One-on-One coaching

Safe Exercise

Safe Exercise for all levels of pain.

Time Tested and Patient Approved Results

The Orthopedic Injury Management platform has been helping patients for over 40 years both in a clinical and a digital format. We have proven thatOIM heals patients.

REPLACE Hinge Health’s outcomes from the world’s largest digital MSK cohort study (N=10,264):

Pain Experience


of people experience at least one episode of back pain during their lifetime (1)

Average Reach


44% adoption, 23% implementation and 9% maintenance. (2)

Low Back Pain


The largest contributor to health care expenses in primary care. (3)

Physio Costs


Physiotherapist-led pain management classes offer a cost-effective alternative to outpatient physiotherapy. (4)

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Knock out high spending on musculoskeletal issues while improving the lives of your employees.

This program offers easy implementation as well as great client benefit. The client benefits increase the participants engagement in the program.
Dr. Ricky Lockett
Medical Director & Program Developer


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