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The Basic Membership program gives you access to all current and future courses to help you develop a mindset that will make relieving your pain a much quicker process. Get started today!

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The Basic Membership gives you FREE access to over twenty self-guided courses that give you a mindset to deal more effectively with your journey to pain relief. Sign up today!
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Learn Your Pain Triggers and stop them

Over the course of a lifetime, most people will experience back pain at one time or another. Dr. Lockett's course on Back Pain will help you understand the causes of back pain while helping you alleviate that pain.

Pain triggers can stop you. Learn to stop them first.

16 lessons - 4:11 hours
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What about self help issues?

Do you want to be the best person you can be but don't have time for self help books? Dr. Lockett has a solution for you! Check out the free courses on various self help topics. Mindfulness helps ease pain so dive right in!

pain is a thing of the mind and the mind can be controlled

21 lessons
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Control the voice in your head

Utilize Dr. Lockett's coaching system to blossom into the person you were meant to be. This program aims to create well balanced, holistically minded, pain managed people.

self talk defines you. don't let anyone else tell you what you should be thinking.

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Build a better future

Depression sucks the life out of you. Feeling so down can also make pain more unbearable. Take the reins to your life and learn how overcoming depression can help you overcome pain.

You have a lot more control than you think.

10 lessons - 5 hours
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reclaim your happiness

Do you often wonder the root cause of your pain? Do you wonder about the different ways it could have happened? Learn how back pain starts and how to prevent it from starting.

you weren't born to be in pain. learn to take back your life and write your own destiny

Over 50 lessons - 10 hours
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I can help you Be Pain Smart

I Am dr. ricky lockett

With 36 years of medical practice and expertise, I helped literally thousands of my patients cope with their pain. It is my mission to provide individuals with the skills to master the critical tactics and strategies that will lessen the impact of pain on their lives.

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After 36 years in the medical field, Dr. Lockett has proved himself to be a powerful advocate for those dealing with chronic pain.

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